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Our Reason for Being

In 1958 a little company called Avalon Hill took a revolutionary step. They started marketing “adult” games – board wargames for a niche market.

They were simple. They were straight-forward. They could be played in a reasonably short period of time. The rule books were maybe 4-6 pages long. They were reasonably historically accurate given their strictures. Most importantly they were easy to play, they were balanced and they were FUN!

As time went on they sold better and better and there were more titles. Competition arrived in the form of S&T and SPI and others like them. The trend was to larger maps, more counters, more realism and rule books the size of pocket novels.

COME BACK TO THE CLASSICS! You’ve got a little more time. You dug out your old game, or perhaps picked one up on the internet. Do you want to preserve the original counters, replace some missing ones or get some that are not just pink and light blue?

You’ve come to the right place.

About Louis XIV Games

Louis XIV Games is a one-man operation: me, Gerry. I grew up with the classics, but lost interest when it got to the point where you had to read a book before you could play the game.

These original board wargames are now out-of-print, and for hobbyists or collectors who want to experience the game or put it on display, Louis XIV Games can help you preserve or replace any pieces that have worn out or are missing.

In most cases I design my own replacement counters, trying to make them more colourful, more interesting and more readable than the originals. Where possible I try to make the graphics more historically accurate as well.

My collection of replacement counters for out-of-print wargames is constantly growing, so be sure to check back at the Louis XIV Games store and blog for regular updates and news. 

Gerald Upton

Gerald Upton

Owner of Louis XIV Games